The Catalinas may be famous for their rays, but these rocky islands and their waters protect plenty of other wildlife, too. Nature lovers, this is definitely your cup of tea. In fact, it’s your paradise. You might see schools of tropical fish. Whales, dolphins, and sharks. And, almost every time you look up, the graceful silhouettes of 20-foot rays, skimming the surface above. Dive beneath the sparkling surface of the Pacific, and come face-to-face with bright-striped Cortez angelfish, tiger sharks, green moray eels, spinner dolphins, sea fans, pilot whales, barracudas, lemon-colored barberfish, white-tipped reef sharks, spiny scorpionfish, humpback whales, Moorish idols (aka crowned scythes), killer whales, starfish, whale sharks, octopuses, and several species of sea turtles, including leatherbacks, green sea turtles, and hawksbills.

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