Nicaragua Volcano and Culture Day Tour

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While you are here in Costa Rica experiencing all the wonders of Guanacaste, we are only a short two hour ride away from our neighboring country, Nicaragua. Why not take advantage of your time in Central America and get another stamp on your passport to show off to friends and family when you get home? Though they share a border, Nicaragua and Costa Rica are vastly different. Nicaragua boasts the oldest European-founded city in Central America; Granada, and the city is full of centuries-old colonial buildings including some 20 colonial-era churches. 

We will also take you to visit the Masaya Volcano, here spend some time enjoying the pristine natural environment of the region. The beautiful Maderas and Conception volcanoes are picturesque behemoths that stand out in contrast to the surrounding area as they are situated in Lake Nicaragua and form the island of Ometepe.

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  • Rickshaw historical tour
  • Granada church tour
  • Volcano visit
  • Lunch included
  • Border crossing included


  1. Playa Flamingo
  2. Masaya Volcano
  3. Lake Nicaragua
  4. Return Home
  5. Return Home