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At Monkey Park, we have recently begun implementing new non-imprinting methods of animal welfare to our rehabilitation-to-release programs. We have done this by considering the following question: How has nature survived for millions of years? The answers, through remarkable intelligence and a naturally elusive tendency to distance themselves from humans, have prompted us to attempt to do the same.

By minimizing our contact with wild animals, we are able to dramatically increase the animal survival rate after successful rehabilitation. Since any ecosystem depends on a healthy and complete species selection, we rehabilitate only wild animals that are able to contribute to the natural gene bank. Monkey Park Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization operating in Portegolpe, Costa Rica. And is not affiliated with any other organizations or businesses.
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Our schedule permits us to accept volunteers from December through August. Please note that we request a two-week minimum time commitment from our volunteers. In exchange for the invaluable contributions of our volunteers, we provide on-site rooms that have bathroom and shower access, along with three meals per day. The average length of a regular workday is from 9 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday. 

  • Preparing and providing diets to animals
  • Maintaining animal environments
  • Assisting injured & confiscated animals
  • Providing guided tours to park visitors


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