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Papagayo Canopy + Floating Boat Tour

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A river float is just like river rafting but without the rapids! So you can relax in a raft for a smooth float down the river as you watch the gorgeous wildlife pass by. Once the trip is over and you are done enjoying the beautiful waters of the Tempisque River, the journey will be punctuated with you being greeted with samples of tropical seasonal fruit. We pride ourselves on operating our tours without disturbing the amazing nature you will experience. After the river experience, it’s time to see the beauty of Guanacaste as you fly through the treetops.

One of the most popular activities in Costa Rica is zip-lining through the canopy of giant majestic Guanacaste trees, for which the region is named. The Papagayo Canopy Zip-Line tour is a thrilling joy ride, but safety is our main concern, our experienced guides will ensure you have a wonderful and comfortable journey. Soar through the forests, and over rivers - keep your eyes open you may fly right over some crocodiles lazing around the waters, they may be hard to spot, sometimes they just look like logs floating down the Tempisque. If lucky you may also see owls, iguanas, howlers, maybe even a sloth!

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We recommend our self transported option, guides will meet you on arrival. Need a rental vehicle? We can drop one off for you and pick it up when you are done.  Reservations are required in advance. Enjoy the guaranteed lowest price. Tour at your own pace. We will send you detailed instructions on how to arrive at your tour start points. We do also offer transportation and guided service. To check availability and make a reservation please click on "Book Now" and enter your preferred date and time.

  • Canopy tour
  • Floating boat tour
  • All safety equipment provided
  • Approximately 4 hours
  • Trained guides


  1. Papagayo Floating & Canopy
  2. Rio Tempisque
  3. Papagayo Canopy